Gift Certificates

Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes! We sell gift certificates in a variety of denominations (amounts) from $5 to $100.

What can I buy with a gift certificate?
Any digital product for sale in our eStore.

If I buy a gift certificate, can I e-mail it to someone?
Yes! Once you complete your purchase of a gift certificate, you are presented with two choices: (i) e-mail the gift certificate; or (ii) use the gift certificate. If you choose to e-mail the gift certificate, you enter the recipient's name and e-mail address, and a short message, and click "Send." You can also choose to receive a copy of the e-mail. (Please note that we will only use the recipient's name and e-mail address to deliver the gift certificate. They will NOT be placed on any sort of mailing list.)

How do I redeem a gift certificate?
Once you have created an account at our eStore and logged into that account, click on the "My Account" link in the page header. On the member page, choose the link entitled "Redeem Gift Certificate." Enter the gift certificate's code on the next screen and press the "Submit Gift Code" button. The amount from the gift certificate will be credited to your account at our eStore. It will appear in your shopping cart with the remaining balance.

Can I use my gift certificate on more than one order?
Yes - any unused balance on a gift certificate is stored in your account on our system and will be automatically applied (in your shopping cart) to your next order.

Can I see the balance of my gift certificate?
Yes - if you login to your account and add something to your shopping cart, it will display the balance of your gift certificate in your cart in bold red text.

Can I use the gift certificate code more than once?
No - each gift certificate purchased has a unique numeric identifier (code) that can only be used once, by one user, in one account at our eStore.

Where can I find the gift certificates?
Simply click on this link to see all of our gift certificates.

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