Digital File Formats

What kinds of downloadable files do you sell?
We currently sell a variety of downloadable digital products including PDFs, ePubs, MP3s, Interactive eBooks, zipped files (collections of templates, Powerpoint slides, SMART Notebook files, etc.), and more.

Are the PDF files locked?
Yes - upon directions from our publishers (the owner of the copyright), all of our regular eBooks are downloaded as locked PDFs. However, our Enhanced eBooks (see below) are not locked.

What is an Enhanced eBook?
Basically, an Enhanced eBook is an unlocked PDF, which allows users to copy and paste text. If you are using a paid version of Adobe Acrobat, you can also rotate and extract pages, and copy certain images or objects. By doing so, users can integrate parts of the book into their lessons, or re-arrange content to better fit their specific needs. Please note that all regular (non-enhanced) eBooks cannot be manipulated in the same way. For more information on Enhanced eBooks, please visit: Enhanced eBooks

Do you sell ePub Files?

Yes! We currently sell a number of products that are available in ePub format and our collection continues to grow. For ePub files, you will need the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions, a free program available for both Mac and Windows users, which can be downloaded safely and installed quickly on your machine. This will allow you to take advantage of the optimized reading experience of an ePub file. To learn more about Adobe Digital Editions, please visit their FAQ page.

What is a ZIP File?
ZIP files are compressed folders that can contain a number of different files. We use ZIP files to deliver any non-PDF parts of products to you, such as collections of picture files, Powerpoint slides, SMART Notebook files, MP3s and more. When you purchase a product that comes with a ZIP file, you will see two download links with that product: one that says: "Download eBook" and one that says: "Download ZIP File." You need to click on both links to get the complete product.

What is an Interactive eBook?
An Interactive eBook incorporates features like sounds, music, video, pictures, and other clickable add-ons, giving your students a much more immersive experience. Books that read the text out loud to students, embed videos to explain concepts, or work in tandem with special purpose websites are just a few examples of what Interactive eBooks can offer. To view our collection of Interactive eBooks, please click here.

What is an Optimized eBook?
Optimized eBooks are books and materials that are best displayed on Interactive Whiteboards, such as the SMART Board, Mimio Board, Starboard, or Promethean Board. Some files might be Adobe Flash files with added space and tools for activities, while others might include several files written in Notebook - SMART's proprietary software. Look at the product detail page to see exactly what kind of optimization each product includes.

Will your eBooks work on our Interactive Whiteboards?
Yes! For details and ideas, please visit our FAQs Page on eBooks and Interactive Whiteboards.


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