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Copyright Information

People who download software or published material they have ordered over the Internet often wonder if they can make multiple copies of the file. Although it is illegal to make multiple copies of published materials you purchase, we do encourage you to back up your files. Many publishers allow you to make multiple copies of certain pages or activities. For example, on the first page of the book you download you may see a statement like the following:

"The classroom teacher may reproduce print copies of materials in this book for classroom use only. The reproduction of any part for an entire school or school system is strictly prohibited. No part of this publication may be transmitted, stored, or recorded in any form without written permission from the publisher."

A good rule of thumb is to treat your digital books the same as you would your physical books. For educational resources and workbooks, one copy per teacher is the usual limit. So, one teacher can print out activities for their classroom, the same way you would photocopy them. For fictional eBooks, books or workbooks that your students would use on their own, one copy per classroom device is the usual limit. So if your students share one eReader, then you can load one copy onto the device and have the class take turns reading it. If you want to have 25 students read the novel on 25 eReaders at the same time, then you would need to purchase 25 copies: one copy for each student.

If you are ever in doubt about the copyright limits of the products you are interested in, or are looking for permission to use the file in a non-conventional way, we encourage you to contact us or the publisher directly (as they are the ones that enforce their copyrights).

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