Exercises for the Whole Brain

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From the creators of Playspace, a daily puzzle column syndicated worldwide by The New York Times, comes this collection of unique mind-flexors. These 60 puzzles, culled from the best of Playspace, are based on problems of logic, number patterns, spatial relationships, and pathfinding. Unlike crosswords, acrostics, and wordfinds, the puzzles in this book do not rely on verbal skills, and are fun to look at as well as to solve. Puzzle fiends and novices will find challenges appropriate to a variety of skill levels. The authors have included hints for when the going gets tough, and solutions. Hide Product Description

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Publisher: Brainwaves Books
Product ID: BWB0916410730
Grades: Grade Staff
Level(s): Staff Room
Pages: 128
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Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)
ISBN (Physical Book): 0916410730

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