New Products – May 2017

We have a wonderful selection of products from some of our favorite publishers.  Classroom decorations, Study Guides, Math resources, Reading materials and much more!  We are so excited to bring them to you!

Teacher Created Materials Today – 52 new titles

We have new products added to the Classroom decor series of products by Karen’s Kids.  New decorations for June through October with supplies such as Board sets, Calander numbers, Alphabet line art, Borders and more.  Be sure to take a look at these wonderful supplies that will make your classroom welcoming and excited your students to learn throughout the year.  Teacher Created Materials is well known for slices of their high quality educational resources.  Allowing you to purchase just the portion of a resource that you need for an affordable price.  Be sure to take a look at all these amazing products.

Teacher Created Resources – 44 new titles

Teacher Created Resources has been hard at work adding to their high quality educational resources.  They’ve released several new series that can assist with helping students survive summer loss as well as being great additions to your 2017-18 classroom curriculum.  Be sure to check out these amazing new series including; Stepping Into STEMClose Reading Using Text-Dependent Questions, 1-2-3 Learn,  Rigorous Reading,  Minutes to Mastery – Timed Math Practice101 Activities For Fast Finishers,  Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids and more.  Be sure to take a look at these products.  Many have previews and or samples that will allow you to take a deeper look and see how they will benefit your classroom.

Gripper Products – 11 new titles

Needing some fiction or informational reading titles?  Gripper Products have released new products just in time for those lazy summer days where students can get educational use of their devices!  Be sure to check out these titles and encourage your students to keep reading through the summer.

S&S Learning – 8 new titles

S & S Learning have released two new product series, preparing for the upcoming fall season.  Sentence Writing series joins recently release titles, such as ‘Story Writing’ and ‘Paragraph Writing’ will help you introduce, explain and practice the different types of sentences including compound & complex sentences, declarative, exclamatory, interrogative and imperative with your students.  Canadian Phonics series 31 weekly lessons teach and review many phonetic and word study concepts needed to develop strong reading, writing, and spelling skills.  Be sure to have a look at these products and add them to your upcoming curriculum!

Special products:

Teacher’s Pet Publications – 332 new titles

These new products are technically not new.  Many of these titles you will recognize.  However, Teacher’s Pet Publications pulled many of their titles back, updated and released them as new products with new ID’s.  They are still the products you know and love, so take this opportunity to have a new look at all of Teacher’s Pet Publications products.

KevLorS Group – 2 new title


KevLorS Group published many of our Classic novels that are currently available for free under the Free eBooks section.  To add to their collection, they highlight a variety of free calendar pages and screen backgrounds. These resources are provided by the ‘To Live Beautifully’ website. They also released an ebook template for the Book Creator App.  We encourage you to take advantage of these free products.  — check back often for new Book Creator app templates.

Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!

Teacher Appreciation – Our Largest Sale Ever

Did you know that there is a day every year that we are called to honor YOU?  Not only is there a Day, but there is a whole week devoted to reminding all of us how amazing YOU are.  National Teacher Appreciation Day, also known as National Teacher Day is on Tuesday, May 9th. This day is part of Teacher Appreciation Week which begins today, Sunday, May 7th and goes through Saturday, May 13th!

Our publishers want to celebrate you by offering DEEP discounts on their products.  This year is our BIGGEST ever 1000’s of products discounted just for YOU!  Take a look and be sure to head on over to the eStore!

Gripper Products  75% off all their products

Educational eBooks ‘n’ Bingo 60% off all their products

Knowledge Box Central 60% off all their products

Twin Sisters Productions 60% off all their products

Arbordale Publishing  50% off all their products

Bar Charts Publishing 50% off all their products

Ready-Ed Publications 50% off all their products

Wendy’s Bookmarks 50% off all their products


Veronica Lane Books 50% off all their “What is” products


Carson-Dellosa Publishing  30% off all their products

Brilliant Publications 30% off all their products

Full Blast Productions  25% off all their products  25% off all their products

On The Mark Press 25% off all their products

S&S Learning 25% off all their products

Remedia Publications 25% off all their products

 TimeSavers for Teachers 25% off all their products


Gentle Shepherd 25% off all their products

Shell Education 20% off all their products

We here at are so thankful for this opportunity to honor the teachers, from all over the world that invest their lives in our future… our children!  We also are very grateful and wish to thank all of our publishers who participated in this Sale!  You ALL are the very Best!

New Products – April 2017

Winter is trying to make a last stand (well we hope it’s a last stand) but Spring is fighting back here in the Colorado Rockies.  Thankfully some of our publishers have been hard at new selections for your classroom and students learning experience.  Let’s take a look!

Carson-Dellosa Publishing – 37 new titles

Carson-Dellosa released six new series this past month and as usual, they are amazing! Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math, Crazy Big Book, Investigating, Essentials, Listen, Read & Learn and Ready to Go Guided Reading.   All packed full of learning experiences that will make a difference with your students.  Be sure to take a look

Shell Education – 18 new titles

Shell Education released two new series in April.  Practicing for STAAR Success and Conquering.  As common to Shell Education, these series are geared for bringing success to your student’s learning experience.  Be sure to check out these two series and see how they will assist you in your classroom.


Dawn Publications – 3 new titles

Three new fiction titles (readers) from Dawn Publications.  How can you resist these cute little faces?  As usual, all the fiction titles from Dawn Publications are brilliantly done, giving stories that will teach while keeping your student’s minds engaged.  Be sure the take a look at these wonderful titles!

Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!

Trending Titles for March 2017


These are the Trending titles for March 2017

We had one publisher that seemed to dominate the list this month.  With a Math resource in French taking the top two slots.  As usual, Math was the top subject for the month, with Language and Science making a strong appearance.  We also had two positions taken by another popular topic, Study Guides.   Be sure to check out all these titles and see why they’ve been in such high demand.

Top Publishers for Q1 2017

These are your favorite Dedicated Teacher Publishers for the first quarter of 2017.

1. Chalkboard PublishingTop Selling Titles

2. Evan Moor Educational Publishers Top Selling Titles

3. Carson-Dellosa Publishing —Top Selling Titles

4. Scholastic Top Selling Titles

5. On The Mark Press Top Selling Titles
*Also check these titles from S&S Learning distributed by On The Mark Press

6. Teacher Created Resources Top Selling Titles

7. Learning Link/Novel Ties Top Selling Titles *Also check these titles distributed by BMI.

8. Saddleback Educational Publishing Top Selling Titles

10. Creative Teaching Press  — Top Selling Titles    

See why these publishers are YOUR favorites.  *If you click on the name, you will see their newest products!

New Products- March 2017

Spring is on it’s way and our Publishers marked the month of March with many new titles!  Fiction titles and storybooks dominated our new titles for this month.  Be sure to check out these titles that could get your reluctant reader.. reading!

Orca Book Publishers – 140 new titles

Orca Book Publishers is the publisher of high-quality, award-winning books for children, teens, and reluctant readers of all ages. Orca is best known for its popular series of high-interest, low-reading-level books for struggling readers, including Orca Soundings, Orca Currents, Orca Sports and Rapid Reads.

Charlesbridge Publishing – 22 new titles

Charlesbridge Publishing is an independent publisher of children’s literature. For the past twenty years, we have published nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, novels, biographies, and books about the natural world, history, mathematics, science, and more. We believe that books for children should offer accurate information, promote a positive worldview, and embrace a child’s innate sense of wonder.

Carson-Dellosa Publishing – 6 new titles

Carson-Dellosa released a new set of titles to their Interactive Notebook series, called Word Study.  Word Study engages students while they learn about: -spelling patterns-inflectional endings-high frequency words-affixes and rootsStandards-based interactive notebooks encourage students to create their own language arts portfolios. Be sure to check out these new titles to a highly popular series.

On The Mark Press – 5 new titles

On The Mark Press has added and completed their new series called Life Science with editions for grades 1-5.  The experiments in this series fall under ten topics that relate to three aspects of life science: Human Organ & Body Systems; Maintaining a Healthy Body; and Wetland Ecosystems. In each section you will find teacher notes designed to provide you guidance with the learning intention, the success criteria, materials needed, a lesson outline as well as some insight on what results to expect when the experiments are conducted.

Shell Education – 3 new titles

Shell Education didn’t add a bunch of new titles but they made them count.  They added a new series called leveled Text-Dependent Question Stems.  Help boost kindergarten through twelfth grade students’ critical thinking and comprehension skills with Leveled Text-Dependent Question Stems: Mathematics. This book includes a variety of high-interest mathematics texts as well as specific text-dependent questions that are provided at four different levels to meet the needs of all students.

Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!

New Products- February 2017

January brought the beginning of the second semester of learning for many of you and several of our publisher meet your needs with new products.

Carson-Dellosa Publishing – 35 new titles

Carson Dellosa has been hard at work developing new titles to help you in your quest to knowledge to your students.  Several new series such as Warm-Ups, Stem Labs, Math & Reading, U.S. History and much more.  Be sure to check out these new titles from one of your favorite publishers !

Shell Education – 5 new titles

Shell Education didn’t add a bunch of new titles but they made them count.  There is a new addition to their Great Works series, Hamilton: An American Musical.  As well as two new series, Getting to the Roots of Social Studies and Go Figure! Exploring Figurative Language.

Teacher Created Resources – 5 new titles

Teacher Created Resources added a new series in February.  Real-World Math Problem Solving.  Five new titles geared for grades 2 through 6.  Build problem-solving skills with this unique series that uses fiction and nonfiction text to present mathematical problems and situations. Students are required to read the passages then use critical thinking to complete each task.

Gallopade International – 4 new titles

Gallopade added a few new titles, with new titles that cover America’s 45th President.  There is a Coloring and Activity books and two titles that includes information about his childhood, educational background and career, his spouse, and children as well as fun facts about our new Vice President Miek Pence, the White House, Oval Office, Cabinet and more!

S&S Learning – 4 new titles

S&S Learning added four new titles geared toward Canadian learning. With two titles devoted to Canadian History and one title, each devoted to Community topics and Phonics added to their library of resources.  Be sure to check out these titles if you are a Canadian educator or a educator that wants to teach your students about Canada, be sure to consider these titles!

On The Mark Press – 4 new titles

On The Mark Press added two new series to their offerings.   Two titles in their new Life Science series and new titles to their Science series.

Magnifico Publications- 1 new titles

Magnifico added one title this past month, but it’s a great fiction title.  In Along the Rivers of Faith, historian and educator Richard Di Giacomo brings us a multi-generational tale about a family’s journey to define and defend their faith.  As you and your students read the story of how this strong and dedicated family overcomes spiritual and physical challenges, your own faith will be inspired and uplifted!

Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!

Top Trending Titles for January 2017


These are the Trending titles for January 2017

The top trending titles brought several favorites back to the list.  Math, Science & Reading.  Including a Study Guide for a classic novel, To Kill a Mocking Bird.  Be sure to have a look at these titles and see what some many of your fellow educators sought them out for their classrooms.

Be sure to check out each of these titles!