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New Products for September 2017

Look what’s new from our publishers!

Teacher Created Materials Today– 110 new titles

Teacher Created Materials is quickly becoming one of your favorites.  They provide countless ‘slices’ for study guides and core subject materials.  Be sure the check out these new titles and now available in our eStore!

Orca Book Publishers – 38 new titles

New non-fiction titles from Orca Book Publishers.  Titles that are sure to keep your teen students engaged and wanting to read more!


Educational Books ‘n’ Bingo – 10 new titles

Educational Books ‘n’ Bingo is one of our newest publishers in name only.  With years of experience behind them only they offer a  unique set of titles that promise to keep your kids learning and reviewing in fun and entertaining ways.

Carson Dellosa Publishing– 8 new titles

Carson Dellosa Publishing always provides materials that come to be your favorites and we are confident that these new titles will be no different.  My Take Along Tablet series as well as new titles in their Keepsake Stories series are just in time for your students travel plans during the holidays.  Classic stories they can read and workbooks that are fun to keep their knowledge and skills sharp!

Shell Publishing– 5 new titles

Always a favorite, Shell has released one new series, Guided Math Workstations as well as two other new titles, Taming the Wild Text and Culturally and Linguistically!  Be sure to check out these great new resources.

Edcon Publishing Group – 1 new title

Edcon Publishing Group has added the option to purchase their newest series, Personal Development for Success.  All 10 Volumes for one price!  One click and you conveniently have every title in this series!

Gallopade International– 1 new title

Gallopade International has added a new title to their America’s National Mystery Book Series.  Be sure to check out this title!

Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!

New Products for August 2017

Several of our popular publishers were busy working on new resources for the new school year, have a look!

Bellwether Media Inc – 104 new titles

Bellwether Media Inc added titles and resources for a large range of topics.  Such as Origami, Space, Robots, Countries, Trains, Bugs and more!  These colorful and engaging resources will be an asset to any lesson plan or classroom setting.

Bar Charts – 81 new titles

Bar Charts are famous for their Quick Study resources.  This month they released a large number of new charts for topics such as medical, various computer programs, history, writing and so much more!  Be sure to check out these amazing teaching tools.

Edcon Publishing Group – 27 new titles

Edcon Publishing Group added a new series of Literature guides for titles such as, Treasure Island, Adventures of Tom Sawyer and more. The also released a new series of resources geared toward the students personal development.

Charlesbridge Publishing – 17 new titles

Charlesbridge is well known for their fiction titles.  They’ve added several this past month along with valuable and engaging topical resources such as the celebration of the 50th anniversary of a Beetles album and a counting book!


Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!

5 Tips for Selecting Time Saving Resources

Teachers are always on the lookout for resources to help them in the classroom. Finding the right content, activities, and strategies are part of developing great lesson plans that resonate with students and ultimately help them reach that “I got it” moment! But how can teachers be sure that the resources they find are high-quality? According to Dona Rice, former editor-in-chief of Teacher Created Materials and Shell Education, it’s simple—“teachers know!”

#1 Does it meet teachers’ needs?

Materials that are created by teachers are easily spotted as the authors of these resources seem to have thought of everything including considerations for struggling learners, English language learners, assessments, etc.

#2 Is it research and standards based?

Resources that have a foundation of research and that support important national and state standards are preferred by teachers and are usually evident by the content and mentions in the materials.

#3 Do they work?

Materials that have successful track records are priceless, save time, and ensure the greatest outcome. Teachers stick with what works and seek out these products from sources they trust.

#4 Is it an easy-to-use format?

Teachers don’t have time to decipher complex resources! Although robust materials are preferred, they must be straightforward with clear direction. Rice notes that although some resources may have clear roadmaps “those roadmaps should be easy to recognize in a few manageable steps.”

#5 Will it pass the teacher test?

Teachers are the experts when it comes to their own classroom. They know what they are looking for! Their instincts and understanding of what is needed guides them to make the right choices! As Rice reminds us, “teachers know!”Click here to see all of Shell Educations top quality products!

*No need for a coupon code, prices are already marked down for you!

New Products for July 2017

It’s so exciting to see all the new products our publishers are releasing for the new fall session.  We have


Crabtree Publishing – 341 new titles

Crabtree Publishing has added a wide variety of titles, the three series shown above only scratch the surface.  There are titles on popular topics that kids are dealing with, such as dealing with loss and understanding digital dangers.  Titles on popular figures both past and present.  The list goes on and on.  Be sure to take a look at all the new titles now available from       Crabtree Publishing!

Edcon Publishing Group – 36 new titles

Edcon Publishing Group has and is still adding new titles to their collection.  This month, included a variety of study guides, Personal Development and much more.

Teacher Created Materials – 32 new titles

Edcon Publishing Group has and is still adding new titles to their collection.

Shell Education – 6 new titles

Shell Education released some great new titles this month.  A new study guide, Math Workshops, Content Area Writing, Social Studies and Close Reading.  Great titles to help you get your students back on track this fall!

Carson-Dellosa Publishing – 341 new titles

Carson Dellosa added a new Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten series to their inventory.  With subjects such as Basic Skills and Activities.  Carson Dellosa series titles are always a favorite this series won’t disappoint.

Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!

Top Selling Publishers Q2 2017

1. Chalkboard PublishingTop Selling Titles

2. Carson-Dellosa Publishing —Top Selling Titles

3. Scholastic Top Selling Titles4. Evan Moor Educational Publishers Top Selling Titles

5.  Teacher Created Resources Top Selling Titles

6. Shell Education Top Selling Titles

7.  On The Mark Press Top Selling Titles
*Also check these titles from S&S Learning distributed by On The Mark Press

8.  BMI Educational ServicesTop Selling Titles *Also check these titles distributed by BMI: Learning Link/Novel-Ties.9. Saddleback Educational Publishing — Top Selling Titles

10. Prestwick House —Top Selling Titles

New Products for June 2017

We have a wonderful selection of products from some of our favorite publishers.  Classroom decorations, Study Guides, Math resources, Reading materials and much more!  We are so excited to bring them to you!

Edcon Publishing Group – 66 new titles

Edcon Publishing Group has and is still adding new titles to their collection.  New titles such as Formula 1 Math Powerpac series, Vocabulary and More series and Sports Math series.  New additions to their very popular Bring the Classics to Life series, which is an audiobook and ebook series. Be sure to check out all these titles

Gallopade International – 7 new titles

Gallopade International has expanded their collection of topic titles with subjects such as the Vietnam War, Space, Industrial Revolution and Hurricanes.  Be sure to check out these amazing titles to help your students learn about history and the world around us.

Chalkboard Publishing – 4 new titles

Chalkboard Publishing is one of our customer’s favorites.  In June they released a new series called Canadian Grammar Practice.   This series introduces your student’s grades 3-6, to grammar basics: nouns, verbs, adjectives punctuation using proofreading activities and grammar quizzes.


Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!

Book Creator – the simple way to create beautiful ebooks

We appreciate this guest post from Book Creator. We think it is a great app and deserves consideration in any technology toolbox. We are beginning to explore templates for Book Creator and invite you to check out the product listed at the end of the post.

You may already be convinced about the potential for using educational ebooks in your classroom. But have you thought about actually creating the textbooks yourself?

Book Creator is a super-simple app for combining text, images, audio and video into an ebook that can be shared across the classroom and beyond.

Create meaningful ebooks that your class can relate to

For teachers, this means you can tailor your ebooks to the level of the class, or even to each student. This is what Math teacher Cathy Yenca did with her 7th grade students.

Example of math books from Cathy Yenca

Teachers could create templates for their students covering any topic – vocabulary notebooks, informational research, music books – you name it. Book Creator books are easy to create, and simple to share – you can export the books as ePub, PDF or video. Use a cloud app like Google Drive or Dropbox and you have the power to create a classroom resource library that everyone can access with ease.

Turn your students into published authors

Students often have a greater level of motivation when they know they are producing work for an audience beyond their classroom. Book Creator is so simple to use that the app gets out of the way and allows for creativity to take precedence!

Here’s some ideas to try with your students:

And when you’re done, why not publish the book to Apple’s iBooks Store and turn your students into published authors?

Example of ebooks published with Book Creator

Half price for schools

Book Creator for iPad a best-selling app on the App Store, with over 25 million ebooks made with the app worldwide. What’s more if you don’t have an iPad, there will soon be a cross-platform web version of Book Creator available.

Find out more about Book Creator at bookcreator.com/education

Please click here to see our first Book Creator template.

Summer Break: How to Relax and Recharge

At the start of my teaching career, I was fortunate to have a perceptive principal who loaned me a book. I don’t remember the title of that book, but the essence was about keeping a balance in your life as a teacher.

Most people who don’t have a teacher in their lives would be surprised to learn that the challenge of keeping the balance drifts into summer breaks. Part of me wanted to frantically catch up with every appointment, home project, and neglected family member that had to be put aside during the busy school year.

Conversely, I also felt pressure to get a head start organizing and preparing for next year’s class and take advantage of professional growth opportunities. Yet another part of me craved to indulge in travel, relaxation, lunches eaten slowly—basically anything that was the opposite of a bell schedule.

This is a natural reaction to having a job that daily tugs at your heart strings, demands oodles of time and energy, and regularly spills over the school day into your early morning, late afternoon, evening, and weekend hours. Along the way, I had some great summers that were personally relaxing and career recharging. Be good to yourself and seek the balance.

Tips for Relaxing and Recharging

  • Indulge in a hobby
  • Exercise
  • Connect with nature
  • Rev down and practice being “in the moment.” (No planning lessons in your head while you are enjoying a vacation on a tropical beach.)
  • Keep a notepad or journal of the good ideas and inspirations that pop into your head, when you are not successful at being in the moment.
  • Read for pleasure and professional development. Here are some ideas for summer reading for teachers. (provided by another one of our publishers, Scholastic)
  • Collect basic resources that will help you launch the new school year effectively, such as Evan-Moor’s How To Plan Your School Year and Lesson Plan Books.
  • As you would for your students, assess what you need this summer, and work toward your goal of achieving balance.
  • Finally, keep in mind that if you have a summer break where demands of career, family, or the unexpected encroach on your time, plan mini-breaks throughout the school year, so that you can still relax and recharge.

Connect with ways that other teachers strive toward a balance in articles such as Edutopia’s “Balancing Work and Life: The Ongoing Challenge for Educators,” by Elena Aguilar.

What are you planning to do this summer to relax and recharge?

Marti Beeck started her career in education as a parent volunteer in her three children’s classrooms. Her teaching experience, including adult school, intervention, and the primary classroom, was inspired by her background in psychology and interest in brain-based learning. Marti currently works in the field of educational publishing as an editor.

The following article was provided by Evan-Moor Publishing, reposted with permission.  We wish to thank Evan-Moor Publishing for allowing us to share their article on our blog! To see the original posting please click here