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Top Selling Publishers Q2 2017

1. Chalkboard PublishingTop Selling Titles

2. Carson-Dellosa Publishing —Top Selling Titles

3. Scholastic Top Selling Titles4. Evan Moor Educational Publishers Top Selling Titles

5.  Teacher Created Resources Top Selling Titles

6. Shell Education Top Selling Titles

7.  On The Mark Press Top Selling Titles
*Also check these titles from S&S Learning distributed by On The Mark Press

8.  BMI Educational ServicesTop Selling Titles *Also check these titles distributed by BMI: Learning Link/Novel-Ties.9. Saddleback Educational Publishing — Top Selling Titles

10. Prestwick House —Top Selling Titles

100th day Stock Up Sale

For the next several weeks, schools in North America will be hitting the 100th day mark.  We would like to mark this occasion with a sale that will assist you in stocking up with all the educational resources that you need for the second semester, summer or even next fall!

It’s very simple, you will save 25% off the retail price when you purchase $25 dollars or more!  No catch to, no exceptions.  All sale items included.  Purchase several times during the sale.  You just need to fill your cart to $25 (or more) and apply the coupon code and you will save!

New Products for December 2016

Educational Books ‘n’ Bingo– 57 new titles

Educational Books ‘n’ Bingo added another LARGE portion of titles to their library here at Dedicated Teacher.  Once again, many of these titles you will recognize as they used to be available through a highly popular publisher named Educational Impressions.  More Story Element titles, Bingo titles galore and much much more.  Be sure to check out these top selling titles once again available in our eStore.

Google Preview is BACK!

Some of you might remember that a few months ago we did some clean up and updating to our eStore.  This unfortunately revealed more ‘dust bunnies” than we realized were there.

Recently we discovered that our Google Preview option, which several of our publishers have made available for their products were not working.  So our staff diligently worked this past week to bring those back.  I am excited to share that this feature is back and ready for you!

All you need to do is locate the product you that you believe will meet your needs. Click on the title or cover image to go directly to the product page.

If the publisher has provided this service, you will find a button just below the cover image on the left side of the page.

Click on the button you find there and a secondary window will pop up. (see below)

We would like nothing better to have every product within our store have this valuable feature, as we know you will find it very valuable!

Welcome Hunter Publishing

We here at Dedicated Teacher are excited to welcome a new publisher, Hunter Publishing.

Hunter Publishing was founded in 1985 and is among the top vendors of travel guides in the world. They are more in-depth than other guides, covering the history and culture of every destination, how to get there, how to get around, the activities in each area, from hiking, shopping, entertainment and river trips to exploring the historic sites. Details on the hotels and restaurants are included as well. From the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, South America and beyond, Hunter Travel Guides are the most in-depth source of travel information available.

Hunter Publishing Travel Guides are available for domestic destinations:

With many international destinations:

These files are available in ePub format, making them useful for use on mobile or desktop devices.

If you are planning to travel soon or wish to take your students on a virtual tour of other destinations, these will be valuable tools!

Be sure to check out all the titles available from Hunter Publishing.

New Products in October 2016


It was a warm October here in Colorado… will November bring cooler weather? Most certainly!  With that publishers have brought some wonderful new titles to our eStore.  Many of the titles below are new to our eStore.

Kagan Publishing – 114 new titles

Kagain Publishing is new to Dedicated Teacher and right off the bat we’ve seen some solid interest in the titles they have available.  They are all about engagement! You’ve probably heard of some popular Kagan Structures including Numbered Heads Together, RallyRobin, and Quiz-Quiz-Trade. Kagan Structures are now used world-wide from kindergarten to adult education, in all academic subject areas to boost student engagement and learning. Learn more about Kagan and their products on their publisher page on our eStore.


Educational Books ‘n’ Bingo– 9 new titles

You might recongnize several of the titles provided by our new publisher Educational Books ‘n’ Bingo.  That is because they used to be provided by Educational Impressions, which closed their doors back in June of this year.  We are SO excited to have these very popular titles back in our eStore.  *Stay tuned as more titles will be added soon.


On The Mark Press (S&S Learning)  – 4 new titles

On The Mark Press and S&S Learning released a couple of titles assisting with writing and a title geared for Science learning.  Be sure to check out these new titles from one of our most popular publishers.


Dawn Publishing – 3 new titles

Dawn Publishing has released new fiction titles for students.  Over in the Grasslands, A Moon of my Own and Octopus Escapes Again.  Be sure to check out these wonderful titles for use in your classroom!


Check out all these products now available here at

Seesaw – A Student Driven Portfolio Tool

From time to time we like to highlight interesting opportunities outside the ebook world. We are going to do that today by looking at Seesaw.

Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio and parent communication tool.

For Students: Seesaw empowers students to independently document their learning and provides an authentic audience for their work—their peers, parents, or the world. With built-in content creation tools, like photos, videos, drawings, voice recordings, text notes, PDFs, links and integrations with 1000s of other apps, students can demonstrate their learning in the way that works best for them.


For Families: Seesaw gives parents an immediate and personalized window into their child’s school day, helping to answer: “What did you do at school today?”. Through the Seesaw parent app and website, parents can view their child’s work, leave comments, and really understand how their child is progressing. Seesaw also provides automatic notifications for parents about new work for their child – so they can stay in the loop wherever they are!


For Teachers: Seesaw saves teachers time on organization and parent communication, makes formative assessment easy, and provides a safe place to teach 21st Century skills. In a 2015 survey of teachers who used Seesaw actively in their classroom, 92% report an increase in parent involvement and engagement since using Seesaw.


Click here to get more information about Seesaw!

Top Publishers for Q1 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 8.48.00 PM

These are your favorite Dedicated Teacher Publishers for the fourth quarter of 2015

1. Teacher Created Resources Top Selling Titles

2. Scholastic Top Selling Titles

3. Carson-Dellosa Publishing —Top Selling Titles

4. Evan Moor Educational Publishers Top Selling Titles

5. Prestwick House —Top Selling Titles

6. BMI Educational Services Top Selling Titles *Also check these titles distributed by BMI.

7. On The Mark Press Top Selling Titles *Also check these titles from S&S Learning distributed by On The Mark Press

8. Milliken Publishing  — Top Selling Titles *Owned by Lorenz Educational Press, which also distributes Teaching & Learning Co. products.

9. Shell Education Top Selling Titles

10. Educational Impressions Top Selling Titles

See why these publishers are YOUR favorites.  *If you click on the name, you will see their newest products!

Make them READY for fall!

Summer… means warm days, lots of water, sand, beaches, ice cream and popsicles, vacations and adventures.  For our kids, summer means FUN!

Summer Faces

School will stop for Summer… Learning never, ever should!  Help stop Summer Learning Loss!

Over 80% of teachers say “students forget or lose skills, knowledge or grade level equivalency through the summer break months.”  — “the first few weeks of in review or re-teaching skills students had previously learned.”

Educational experts say that just 15 minutes a day, will help children start the upcoming year with skill and confidence.

Over 70% of teachers say “students that practice skills over the summer tend to have a more successful fall semester”  and  90% state that “if kids keep learning over the summer, they will be more successful in the long run!”

So how can this be done?  What can a teachers, administrators and schools do in the last few weeks of the year to encourage continued learning throughout the summer?  You can start by introducing parents to the fun summer materials by experienced publishers.

Here are a several series available from our top selling publishers that you can use to encourage parents to keep their children learning.  Workbooks and lessons that will make learning fun!

Carson-Dellosa, whom you’ve selected as one your favorites and our this weeks Featured Publisher has several series geared toward keeping students learning fresh all the while making it fun and filled with adventure.

Summer Quest by Carson-Dellosa at


Summer Link, Math & Reading by Carson-Dellosa at

And the top selling series, Summer Bridge with over 40 products in this series

Summer Worksheets by Carson-Dellosa at

But there is not only resources from Carson-Dellosa, how about workbooks priced as low as $6.99 from On The Mark Press.

Summer titles by On The Mark Press at

Not wanting a workbook?  How about keeping learning fresh with fun and interesting novels.

Magic Wagon titles from
Check out these titles and much more with novels and stories for students grades K – 12
Orca Book Publishers at
Check out all Orca Book Publishers titles, for grades K – 12, Staff & Parents

Now is the time to start talking to parents about working with their students throughout the summer.  They don’t have to be locked up in the house all summer… but they can spend a few minutes each day keeping their knowledge and skill fresh!

Check out all this titles and much much more at