Our new eStore design… the Homepage #1

In the last week, you may have noticed some changes to our eStore.   Over the past year, we’ve been working hard with a designer to implement some MUCH needed changes to our eStore.  Our first goal was to bring our eStore up to current standards by providing a mobile-friendly version.  While doing so, we felt it was also time to refresh the overall site and prep it for some new features we’ve had on our goal list at the same time.

We are so excited to see this hard work to launch!

Over the next several weeks we will take you on a tour of the new eStore some of the many features that have been added, including the new mobile site.  You will find this tour here but also in our weekly newsletter (psst, our newsletter will also soon receive a slight redesign to match the new site)

So let’s get started, today we will tackle the redesigned header and menu bar.



First, we would like to menu that these

elements will be available to you on every page, no matter where you are in the eStore.

On the top most menu now holds links to the Advanced search, Contact us, Sign up & Login.   These last two, as you would expect will take you to the appropriate pages to assist you in either creating an account or gaining access to allow you to log into your account.  If you have already logged into your account, the last two will change to “My Account & Log out”.   As you would expect, My Account will take you to your account page, giving you access to all your previous orders and account information.

Next, we have our logo, the search bar and the Cart button.  Which hosts one of our new features, Cart count.  This will tell you at a glance how many items you have currently in your cart.  As our site does not empty cart contents upon log out, this feature will let you know if you left an item in your cart from your last visit. *quick tip, clicking on the logo will always return you to this homepage, no matter where you are in the eStore.

Lastly, in our header section, we have our redesigned and organized main menu bar.  You may notice that several of our popular menu items have not changed, while some are missing or new.  This was done for customer convenience, making it easier to find some specialized products.

Let’s go over the new menu quickly, the former Browse menu item has now been split into four separate menus:

Resources: hosts a variety of the most frequented performed searches, as well as having some specialized topics.
New Products: takes you directly to the New Releases page
Seasonal: provides up to date current seasonal resources
Steals & Deals: is a place you can go to find all the current sales as well as low priced resources.

Another exciting new feature that is new to our menu bar, parent/child links.  This feature allows us to provide a larger list of resouce links while not cluttering up the menu.

*As we mentioned briefly above, you may notice that there are a few menus that are now missing.  Have no fear, they’ve just been moved to the footer.  We will be highlighting that in a later post this week.

In turn, let’s have a quick look at these same features on the mobile site.

On the opening of the page, you will find a few of the features mentioned above, such as the eStore logo (which will return you to the home page), the cart with it’s counter and the search bar.  All other menus are located in the side menu bar which will appear when you tap on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner.

At the top, you will find all the items in the main menu bar. (blow white text)

At the bottom are all the top menu items, including the login and Sign-up links and the My Account and Log Out links when you are already logged into your account.

Also, some of the menu items have a plus sign at the end, this is to let you know that if you tap on that menu item, it will open to reveal all the options within.  (see image below)

The mobile version also has the parent/child menus when needed, giving more options.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick tour.  Be sure to check these features for yourself and then come back tomorrow as we will further explore the new homepage!