Our new eStore… Homepage #3

With our last segment touring our new homepage, we will quickly cover the footer section.

We previously mentioned on the first day of our tour of the homepage, that several items that were previously available on our main menubar have been moved to the footer section.  Let’s go over each of these sections quickly,

First, let me say that each of the headers are links to the full page of options in that service.

Customer Service provides a links your account page, our contact us page as well as the most frequently asked questions regarding our customer’s accounts and other such services.  Be sure to click on the Customer Service header or the view all options to find even more help.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) also offers a quick list of the most commonly asked questions, however, there is a much more complete list found on the FAQs page, so if you don’t see the topic listed there, be sure to click on “FAQs” title or the view all option to go that page.   *you will find more helpful information on such things as mobile downloading and what is an Enhanced eBook.

About Us provides links to everything you want to know about Dedicated Teacher.

On the right side of the footer, you will find a place to sign up for our newsletter as well as links to our social media pages.


On the mobile side, you will find all these features also available in the footer.

Remember, the plus icon means the element will open to reveal that highlighted list.  On the mobile side, each of these expanded lists will also include a “View All” (as with the desktop version) allowing you to go straight to those pages for all the helpful information.

That’s it… for now.

(*Watch out for all new features coming to the eStore and the homepage within the next several months!)