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Our new eStore… Homepage #3

With our last segment touring our new homepage, we will quickly cover the footer section.

We previously mentioned on the first day of our tour of the homepage, that several items that were previously available on our main menubar have been moved to the footer section.  Let’s go over each of these sections quickly,

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Our new eStore design… the Homepage #1

In the last week, you may have noticed some changes to our eStore.   Over the past year, we’ve been working hard with a designer to implement some MUCH needed changes to our eStore.  Our first goal was to bring our eStore up to current standards by providing a mobile-friendly version.  While doing so, we felt it was also time to refresh the overall site and prep it for some new features we’ve had on our goal list at the same time.

We are so excited to see this hard work to launch!

Over the next several weeks we will take you on a tour of the new eStore some of the many features that have been added, including the new mobile site.  You will find this tour here but also in our weekly newsletter (psst, our newsletter will also soon receive a slight redesign to match the new site)

So let’s get started, today we will tackle the redesigned header and menu bar.



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