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Logic Puzzles Help Build Deductive-Reasoning Skills

Logic is the systematic reasoning process we use to comprehend the relationships between facts in order to reach conclusions. Logical thinking enables students to understand what they read and what they are told and helps them see relationships, understand sequencing, and make inferences. Students with good logical-thinking skills can take new information to build upon what they already know. Outside of the classroom logical thinking can help improve social skills.

Logical reasoning comprises two opposite types of thinking: deductive and inductive. Deductive reasoning begins with a general statement. When we use deductive reasoning, we begin with a general statement. We then examine specific premises to infer a conclusion. If all the premises are true, then the reasoning will be sound. Inductive reasoning, on the other hand, uses specific observations to make a generalization. Inductive thinking may result in a correct conclusion, but it is not reliable.

Example of Deductive Thinking
Premise 1. A dog is a mammal.
Premise 2. All mammals are warm-blooded animals.
Conclusion: Dogs are warm-blooded animals.
This conclusion is valid, and because the premises are correct, it is also true. Continue reading Logic Puzzles Help Build Deductive-Reasoning Skills

New Products for January 2018

Look what’s new from our publishers!

Bellwether Media – 71 new titles

Bellwether Media was hard at work this fall introducing new series to their collection and adding new titles to existing series.  New series such as: Brands We KnowInsects Up CloseFarm AnimalsCommunity HelpersBlastoff DiscoveryCountry ProfilesTorqueFive SensesOcean Life Up CloseNorth American AnimalsSeasonsMighty Machines and Celebrating Holidays.  Titles jam packed with ideas to help your students learn while keeping their interest with topics that interest them.  Be sure to have a look at these wonderful new titles.

Gallopade International – 56 new titles

Gallopade added a new series to their “Our State” collections of products.  This new series is called “Interactive Notebook: A Hands-On Approach to Learning About Our State!” With titles for every state in the U.S.  This new edition/series gives up to 21 different titles all geared toward each state.  To check out all the titles for your home state, click here, then scroll through this new series and find your state.  Click on that product and then just below the cover image on the product page, click on “View all in series”.  There you will find ALL the resources Gallopade provides for your state.  If you need assistance please contact customer service, they will be happy to provide a link!

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