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New Products for September 2017

Look what’s new from our publishers!

Teacher Created Materials Today– 110 new titles

Teacher Created Materials is quickly becoming one of your favorites.  They provide countless ‘slices’ for study guides and core subject materials.  Be sure the check out these new titles and now available in our eStore!

Orca Book Publishers – 38 new titles

New non-fiction titles from Orca Book Publishers.  Titles that are sure to keep your teen students engaged and wanting to read more!


Educational Books ‘n’ Bingo – 10 new titles

Educational Books ‘n’ Bingo is one of our newest publishers in name only.  With years of experience behind them only they offer a  unique set of titles that promise to keep your kids learning and reviewing in fun and entertaining ways.

Carson Dellosa Publishing– 8 new titles

Carson Dellosa Publishing always provides materials that come to be your favorites and we are confident that these new titles will be no different.  My Take Along Tablet series as well as new titles in their Keepsake Stories series are just in time for your students travel plans during the holidays.  Classic stories they can read and workbooks that are fun to keep their knowledge and skills sharp!

Shell Publishing– 5 new titles

Always a favorite, Shell has released one new series, Guided Math Workstations as well as two other new titles, Taming the Wild Text and Culturally and Linguistically!  Be sure to check out these great new resources.

Edcon Publishing Group – 1 new title

Edcon Publishing Group has added the option to purchase their newest series, Personal Development for Success.  All 10 Volumes for one price!  One click and you conveniently have every title in this series!

Gallopade International– 1 new title

Gallopade International has added a new title to their America’s National Mystery Book Series.  Be sure to check out this title!

Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!

New Products for August 2017

Several of our popular publishers were busy working on new resources for the new school year, have a look!

Bellwether Media Inc – 104 new titles

Bellwether Media Inc added titles and resources for a large range of topics.  Such as Origami, Space, Robots, Countries, Trains, Bugs and more!  These colorful and engaging resources will be an asset to any lesson plan or classroom setting.

Bar Charts – 81 new titles

Bar Charts are famous for their Quick Study resources.  This month they released a large number of new charts for topics such as medical, various computer programs, history, writing and so much more!  Be sure to check out these amazing teaching tools.

Edcon Publishing Group – 27 new titles

Edcon Publishing Group added a new series of Literature guides for titles such as, Treasure Island, Adventures of Tom Sawyer and more. The also released a new series of resources geared toward the students personal development.

Charlesbridge Publishing – 17 new titles

Charlesbridge is well known for their fiction titles.  They’ve added several this past month along with valuable and engaging topical resources such as the celebration of the 50th anniversary of a Beetles album and a counting book!


Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!