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5 Tips for Selecting Time Saving Resources

Teachers are always on the lookout for resources to help them in the classroom. Finding the right content, activities, and strategies are part of developing great lesson plans that resonate with students and ultimately help them reach that “I got it” moment! But how can teachers be sure that the resources they find are high-quality? According to Dona Rice, former editor-in-chief of Teacher Created Materials and Shell Education, it’s simple—“teachers know!”

#1 Does it meet teachers’ needs?

Materials that are created by teachers are easily spotted as the authors of these resources seem to have thought of everything including considerations for struggling learners, English language learners, assessments, etc.

#2 Is it research and standards based?

Resources that have a foundation of research and that support important national and state standards are preferred by teachers and are usually evident by the content and mentions in the materials.

#3 Do they work?

Materials that have successful track records are priceless, save time, and ensure the greatest outcome. Teachers stick with what works and seek out these products from sources they trust.

#4 Is it an easy-to-use format?

Teachers don’t have time to decipher complex resources! Although robust materials are preferred, they must be straightforward with clear direction. Rice notes that although some resources may have clear roadmaps “those roadmaps should be easy to recognize in a few manageable steps.”

#5 Will it pass the teacher test?

Teachers are the experts when it comes to their own classroom. They know what they are looking for! Their instincts and understanding of what is needed guides them to make the right choices! As Rice reminds us, “teachers know!”Click here to see all of Shell Educations top quality products!

*No need for a coupon code, prices are already marked down for you!

New Products for July 2017

It’s so exciting to see all the new products our publishers are releasing for the new fall session.  We have


Crabtree Publishing – 341 new titles

Crabtree Publishing has added a wide variety of titles, the three series shown above only scratch the surface.  There are titles on popular topics that kids are dealing with, such as dealing with loss and understanding digital dangers.  Titles on popular figures both past and present.  The list goes on and on.  Be sure to take a look at all the new titles now available from       Crabtree Publishing!

Edcon Publishing Group – 36 new titles

Edcon Publishing Group has and is still adding new titles to their collection.  This month, included a variety of study guides, Personal Development and much more.

Teacher Created Materials – 32 new titles

Edcon Publishing Group has and is still adding new titles to their collection.

Shell Education – 6 new titles

Shell Education released some great new titles this month.  A new study guide, Math Workshops, Content Area Writing, Social Studies and Close Reading.  Great titles to help you get your students back on track this fall!

Carson-Dellosa Publishing – 341 new titles

Carson Dellosa added a new Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten series to their inventory.  With subjects such as Basic Skills and Activities.  Carson Dellosa series titles are always a favorite this series won’t disappoint.

Be sure to have a look at all these new titles!