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After Memorial Day Sale


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Summer Learning: STEM Activities —The Moon

Summer is fast approaching.  Teachers will be finishing up their years within the next few weeks.  One of the elements that parents and teachers alike share as a challenges when preparing for the coming fall season is keeping students learning and their minds engaged during the summer break.

Teacher Created Resources shared a great learning project for any time of the year yet, we felt this fun article would be great for all those summer evenings when kids tend to be outside enjoying nature.

The article is titled:

STEM Activities —The Moon moon-phases

by MARA GUCKIAN at Teacher Created Resources

Our closest neighbor in space is the moon and we can observe it almost every night—just by looking up into the sky.  Whether is it a school assignment or a nightly family activity to wind down, the study of the moon is an easy, engaging way to introduce students—young and older— to space exploration.  Let the questions begin!

Try keeping a Moon Log for a month.

  1. Print out a copy of the Moon Log.
  2. Set a time each night to look at the moon and discuss its shape.  Go outside if you can.
  3. Record the part of the Earth-facing hemisphere of the moon that is visible each night.
  4. Determine what phase of the moon you observed.
  5. Encourage your child/student to use appropriate vocabulary.

The words and phrases listed below should get your started:

crescent—a sliver       

gibbous—having a hump shape

visible—can be seen

waning— shrinking 


*Keep in mind, waxing and waning moons can have the same shape but one is growing and one is shrinking.

5 Different Phases Seen from Earth

new moon—none of the Earth-facing hemisphere of the moon is visible

crescent moon—less than half of the Earth-facing hemisphere of the moon is visible

quarter moon—exactly half of the Earth-facing hemisphere of the moon is visible

gibbous moon—more than half of the Earth-facing hemisphere of the moon is visible

full moon—all of the Earth-facing hemisphere of the moon is visible

Want to make your Moon Log activity a STEM experience?  Consider trying some of these ideas throughout your month-long observation.


  1. Read books to learn more about the moon.
  2. Find out what the moon is made of and how it moves.
  3. Learn more about the moon’s location in relation to Earth and the sun.
  4. Find out if the following statement is true or false.  “The moon is a rock reflecting the sun.”
  5. Demonstrate the moon’s orbit using three different sized balls to represent the sun, moon, and Earth.


  1. Check out the phases of the moon each night and double-check what you saw online—or vice versa.  Simply type in phases of the moon, the month, and the year (ex. phases of the moon May 2016), and you will find pictures of the actual sequence.
  2. Research the Apollo space program.
  3. Find pictures or video of the lunar landing of the Eagle in 1969 and listen to astronaut  Neil Armstrong’s famous words.


  1. Build a model to represent the sun, moon, and Earth.  Use it to demonstrate how/when we see the moon.
  2. See if you can see the moon more clearly using a telescope.  Find out what other tools or instruments are used to observe the moon.
  3. Design a spacecraft to travel to the moon.  Use recycled materials to build it.


  1. Start a list of number facts about the moon.  See how many you can collect.  Here are a few questions to get you started:

How many days does it take the moon to complete a cycle?

How long is a day on the moon?

How much longer is a day on the moon than a day on Earth?

  1. Discuss the size and shape of the moon and how it compares to Earth and the sun.


Teacher Created Resources Materials

TCR science

#TCR2925—Differentiated Science Lessons, pages 96–97   5th grade

#TCR3972—Daily Warm-Ups: Science, page 161   5th grade

#TCR3973—Daily Warm-Ups: Science, pages 124–128   6th grade

For more  of Teacher Created Resource STEM and Science Resources

Special thanks to:


for giving permission to post this educational article!  Original Article here

Top Trending Titles -April 2016


These are the top-trending titles for April 2016

1. Quickstudy: Law & Government series(Grades 6-12)

BarCharts Publishing

of the industry-leading quick reference study aid QuickStudy, has been helping individuals learn large sums of information in fast, easy, and innovative formats since 1991. Color graphics and precise editing are used to take out the “fluff”, and give readers exactly what they need to know about any given subject. QuickStudy guides are the roadmap for over 300 subjects, showing students what they will learn, and how the topics work together.
Our Price: $4.70-$5.65

2. Daily Science (Canadian Edition), series (Grades 1-6)

Chalkboard Publishing

This must have resource provides students with meaningful activities to reinforce their understanding of important science concepts including life systems, structures and mechanisms, earth and space as well as matter and energy.Pages are ready-to-go and reproducible and include reading projects, hands on learning, teacher tips and rubric.
Our Price: $15.19

3. Spectrum Writing, series (Grades K-8)

Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Spectrum® Writing for grade 2 guides students through each step of the writing process as they write sentences, personal stories, fiction stories, descriptions, comparisons, how-to instructions, reports, opinions, and more. Spectrum® Writing workbooks guide students as they write for a variety of purposes, including writing to tell a story, writing to provide information, and writing to state an opinion. Lessons support current state standards.
Our price: $7.59

4. Mastering the Standards: Mathematics, series (Grades K-12)

Hayes School Publishing

Help students do their best on standardized tests in mathematics by familiarizing them with the formats and skills they will need for success. The problems developed for this series are based on standards from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and state standards from across the nation. Each book includes practice pages on Numbers/Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis/Probability.
Our Price: $5.65

5. Daily 6-Trait Writing (Enhanced eBook), series (Grades 1-6)

by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

Evan-Moor Common Core Top Pick: Evan-Moor’s “Daily 6-Trait Writing” series contains engaging and constructive writing practice, ideal for developing strong writing skills and easy to integrate into your curriculum. Included in this digital resource are 100+ trait-based lessons. Each weekly lesson is comprised of a lesson plan, 4 reproducible student pages, and a writing prompt. You will also find in each individual eBook an assessment rubric. “Daily 6-Trait Writing” supports any writing program, is simple to integrate into your curriculum, and best of all, strongly correlated to Common Core State Standards! Also available in smaller slices
Our price:$28.49

 6. Chumash Courage: A Story of California Indians, series (Gr 4-8)

Renown Publishing

The California Indian period is an important era in the history of California. Native Americans living in the state built rich, diverse cultures and social traditions. Students reading this book will learn about the everyday life experiences of Chumash children, a tribe of southern California. They will learn how Indians hunted, fished and traded with Indians from other regions.
Our price: $2.80

7. Daily Math (Canadian Edition), series (Grades 1-8)

chk2005by Chalkboard Publishing

The “Daily Math” series is a great asset to any Canadian classroom! Develop and strengthen crucial math skills with consistent daily practice. This eBook contains reproducible math activities – each week day is dedicated to a specific math strand, such as measurement, geometry, number sense, patterning and algebra or data management. The “Daily Math” series is perfect for use with a small or whole group, and is also an ideal supplement when you are working individually with students.
Our Price: $14.24

8. Physical Science (Power Practice: Science), series (Grades 1-8)

ctp8304by Creative Teaching Press

Over 100 Reproducible Activities to Sharpen Basic Skills. Physical Science supplements and enriches classroom teaching to enhance students’ understanding of vocabulary, functions, and fundamental processes of physical sciences work. Topics include: force and motion, chemistry, atoms and elements, scientific processes, simple machines, energy. light and sound & magnetism and electricity.

Our price: $14.24

9. Student Workbook/Study Guide: The Book Thief (Grades 7-12)

BMI Educational Services

This Student Workbook/Study Guide consists of a variety of reproducible literary activities, such as vocabulary games and worksheets, in anticipation of state standardized tests. This collection of exercises will help amplify students’ analytical aptitude and critical thinking skills, and are easily incorporated into your pre-existing lesson plans.
Standard Edition: $16.10 Enhanced Edition: $20.85

10. Systematic Sequential Phonics They Use for Beginning Readers of All Ages (Grades K-5)

csd2409ebby Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Help beginning readers of any age learn phonics through Word Wall and Making Words activities! Supports the Four-Blocks Literacy Model.

Our Price: $25.64

Congratulations to publishers who have new titles to appear in our top trending titles list!

New Products for April 2016


Lots of new products for the month of April 2016.  Plus in the mix, two new publishers were added to our publisher family as well as many new titles are series.

S&S Learning – 134 new titles

S&S Learning added a huge selection of titles this past month.  A wide range of topical titles for their Grammar Lesson Plan and Reading Lesson Plan series.  Then the introduced three new series.  52 Weekly Stories about Canada, EQAQ Math Test Prep and Canadian Daily Language Activities.  Be sure to have a look as each of these new series could be an important part of preparing your studies to move forward.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 5.54.20 PM

Carlex, Inc  – 87 new titles

Our newest publisher Carlex added a large list of titles to their selection of products this past month.  Carlex specializes in teaching aids and resources for foreign languages.  Be sure to have all look at all the new resources available from Carlex and motivate your students to love to learn different languages.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 5.59.20 PM

BarCharts  – 85 new titles

Barcharts Publishing, producer of the industry-leading quick reference study aid QuickStudy, has been helping individuals learn large sums of information in fast, easy, and innovative formats since 1991.  This past month they added a large inventory of titles that will help your students learn about things that they use everyday.  Be sure to check out this QuickStudy resources and see the benefits of using them in your classroom.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.02.52 PM

Arbordale Publishing  – 7 new titles

Arbordale specializes in nonfiction titles available in both English and other languages.  Their titles offer topical study while making the process entertaining and engaging.  Be sure to have a look at all the new titles available right now in our eStore.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.06.35 PM

Compass Educational Books  – 6 new titles

Compass Educational is well known for their wide range of educational resources.  Resources that will assist you as an educator to keep your students engaged in learning through unique and tried and true methods.  Be sure to check out their new titles, now available in our eStore

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.11.20 PM

Chalkboard Publishing – 8 new titles

Chalkboard Publishing has been working hard to add new titles to their selection in our eStore.  This past month they added to their new product lineup by offering all in French as well as English.  Be sure to check out these titles now available in our eStore.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.16.49 PM

Carson Dellosa Publishing – 8 new titles

Carson Dellosa added two new series to their product selection in our eStore.  Tech Timeout encourages students to turn off the technology and get back to basics! The series features engaging arts and crafts activities, puzzles, games, and physical exercises that children can complete independently or with friends.  100 Grade Skills help child/student build classroom confidence, one skill at a time.  Be sure to check out these products. These two series are great summer curriculum’s for parents.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.50.38 PM

Shell Education – 2 new titles

Shell released two new products in April.  Math Games which is Skill based Practice for Second Graders.  Then also, Writing Strategies for Fiction.  Be sure to have a deeper look at these products now available from Shell Education.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.58.18 PM

*Be sure to keep an eye on our Weekly sales as many of these new products will be featured and discounted through May.

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