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Around the Net: 21st century education

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a school in a small town on the eastern coast of the big island of Hawaii.IMG_3864

I was there only as an observer but was genuinely amazed by what I witnessed. This Elementary school of approximately 800 students grades PreK – 5th was pressing forward with the passion to prepare their students for the future. On the occasion of my visit, the school was conducting a parent night, allowing parents to see for themselves the various ways the school was using technology to inspire a passion for learning in their children. During the general presentation,  administrators spoke about the process and various decisions that they made.  The session was opened by showing a video, “What is 21st Century Education?” (created by EduAlert)

Just a few interesting facts provided in the video:

  • In the past 5 years the digital universe has grown by 1000%
  • 46% of teachers say their homework requires technology
  • 94% of students say they use technology to do homework
  • Many of the top jobs in 2012, didn’t exist in 2002!
  • Many of the jobs your students will have don’t even exist yet!
  • Students will use technologies that haven’t been invented yet, to find solutions for problems that haven’t emerged.

With the overall thought that,

Today, teachers must be innovators, mentors, entrepreneurs, motivators, illuminators, catalysts because preparing students for the 21st century isn’t just about technology or skills for the global economy. The 21st century education is about creativity, culture awareness, problem solving, innovation, civic engagement, communication, productivity, collaboration, accountability, exploration, initiative, responsibility, leadership and making your classroom as dynamic as the world around us.

The school also invited an education specialist to speak to the parents as well. This educational specialist was on campus to work directly with the staff in guiding and assisting them as they adapted their new technology to their classroom.

He also spoke about how much technology has changed our lives and the way we do things.  Giving a simple but fun example of how he and his wife used to have fun debating various facts about the current song on the radio.  Not so many years ago, the debate would rarely be resolved.  Today, with a simple question to a smart phone the debate is settled in seconds.  This revealed the fact that we literally hold a wealth of information in our hands.

He then moved on to talk about how, as the video also pointed out, that today’s classroom has changed to adapt to the times.  Technologies such as white boards and tablets to deliver lessons and worksheets for students to complete.

All this, really brought home to me the importance of what we do in the educational field. So much responsibility on the shoulders of you.. the classroom teacher!  It has renewed our passion here at Dedicated Teacher to deliver the best quality products, in hope to make your task easier!

All in all.. we thank you for all that you do!

Around the Net: Inspiring Teachers

Original article by ABC news by Genevieve Shaw Brown on Nov 17, 2015

A wonderful video moving around on Facebook, is about a Special Education Teacher in Florida, doing some amazing work with this students. One of the things he does on a regular basis is start his day encouraging each of his students one by one. The post has received over 11,000 likes and gained so much attention, that it caught the eye of ABC reporter, Genevieve Shaw Brown.

Florida Teacher Starts Each Day Complimenting Students One by One


In classrooms across the country, the school day almost always starts off with some kind of routine. Announcements, a run-through of the day’s calendar or maybe the Pledge of Allegiance.

But in Chris Ulmer’s classroom, the day starts off with 10 minutes of compliments.

In a video posted to Facebook that’s been shared more than 8,000 times since it was posted on Sunday, Ulmer takes the time to pay several compliments to each and every one of the eight students in his special education classroom at Mainspring Academy in Jacksonville, Florida.

“I love having you in my class. I think you’re very funny. You’re a great soccer player. Everyone in here loves you,” Ulmer says to the kids as they each take their turn standing in front of the class, facing Ulmer.

Ulmer said he’s been posting videos — with the kids’ parents’ permission — almost every day, but this one, which he “spent about 10 minutes editing,” has really resonated with the public. “I actually didn’t think a whole lot about this one before posting it. It’s just something we do.”

Video available on Facebook… be sure to take a look.

*(video also available on our own Facebook page)

Read more of this article at: ABCnews.go.comABC news article

Be sure to check out Chris Ulmer’s webpage:

Follow on him on Facebook:

From the Vault: Technology, Teaching, and Change

TheVault by Kevin Sheppard

I read an article the other day that showed a Radio Shack advertisement from 1991. Nearly all of the electronics in the ad are now available a smartphones. Here are just a few of the items on the list: Stereo, AM/FM Clock Radio, stereo headphones, calculator, computer, camcorder, telephone, CD player, phone messaging and tape recorder. You can view the article here.radioshackad

I started to think about how having all this technology in our hands, as well as our students hands, has and will impact teaching and learning. One obvious change from 1991 is that ebooks weren’t widely available during that time. The internet was also in its infancy and had little influence on our daily lives. So, how does having almost instant and limitless access to information change education?

As with almost any change in our world, there are opportunities and challenges with these changes in educational technology as well. It can be frustrating when students want everything to be instantaneous yet it is exciting when we can find just the right bit of information to solve a problem exactly when we need it. We rarely worry about finding enough information for a research project but we now struggle with information overload.

I see ebooks through the same lens. There are times that curling up with a good physical book is the perfect way to enjoy that experience. Yet, I am becoming very dependent on the ability to have so many books available to me at the touch of an icon. I don’t think we have to choose between the two but use the right tool for the job. The same applies to teaching. New technology doesn’t mean throwing the old away, rather it provides the option to choose the right tool at the right time to help our students learn.

So, what do you think? How have these opportunities helped you teach? What challenges to they create? We would love to hear from you.


Kevin Sheppardworked at a Technology director at his local school district for over 20 years. During his time there, he occasionally traveled the country, going into schools giving technical training to teachers and administrators.  He left his job at the school district to continuing delivering training to schools full time. *We are fortunate to have Kevin bring his expertise in a consulting capacity to

Top Selling Titles for October 2015


These are the top-selling titles for October 2015

1. Mathematics: Drill and Practice, (Grades 1-6)
hspa284rby Hayes School Publishing

Skill and problem solving activities with equal emphasis on skill and concept development. Ideal supplement for any current text. Rounding numbers, solving equations, least common multipliers, multiplying, dividing, fractions and mixed numbers, decimals, problem solving, percents, geometry, and more.

Our price: $5.65

2. A Butterfly’s Life (eBook)
sed14587by Shell Education

In this engaging nonfiction book, early readers are introduced to the life cycle of a butterfly. Readers will be captivated by the vivid photographs of the butterfly’s life, and informative text.

Standard eBook – Our price: $4.74
Enhanced eBooks – Our price: $7.11


3. Hurricanes by Carol Ryback and Jayne Keedle
gar9781433918551by Gareth Stevens Publishing

Hurricanes are some of the deadliest storms on Earth. The worst hurricanes bring heavy rains, damaging winds, and powerful waves. A hurricane can reshape a coastline and destroy entire cities. In this book, you’ll get a look at how hurricanes form, the destruction they cause, and what to do if one strikes your area! Lexile 770

Our price: $8.50

4.  Destiny Quest: A Guide for Educators (Grades 3-12)
edu0002by ED-ucation Publishing

This educator’s guide is a comprehensive tool for your classroom or learning community to help get the most out of your Destiny Quest experience. This guide includes: a simple step-by-step guide to understand the components of Destiny Quest, sample lesson plans that follow the U.S. Common Core State Standards, a complementary website complete with extension activities, printable worksheets, assessments and how-to videos.

Our Price: $9.49

5. The Mystery at Jamestown (Real Kids Real Places Series)
gal9780635080578by Gallopade International

Christina, Grant, Mimi, and Papa travel to Jamestown, Virginia and learn that “founding” a new nation is no easy task! During Jamestown’s Quadricentennial Celebration, there’s plenty of history, mystery, legend, lore, lost bones, and more!

Our Price: $7.59

6. Holiday Graph Art

tcr0093coby Teacher Created Resources

Mystery pictures with a variety of themes magically appear as students follow directions for coloring graph paper squares. Students develop graphing skills while having fun.

Standard eBook – Our price: $8.54
Enhanced eBooks – Our price: $13.29

7. Sing Down the Moon: A Literature Guide for Classroom Use
tcr0432coby Teacher Created Resources

This eBook is filled to the brim with fun classroom activities, games, worksheets, and unit tests, making it an indispensible tool to teach well-known literature. Students will be engaged while developing important skills, such as a familiarity with vocabulary, sequencing, characterization, and more. Reproducible pre- and post-reading cross-curricular lessons involve ideas that are optimal for core literature and individualized reading.

Our price: $9.49

8. The Giver: A Literature Guide for Classroom Use

tcr0542cobyTeacher Created Resources

This spelling series is based on phonics which many teachers feel is the most effective way for children to learn to spell. This book contains eighteen lessons and is thematic in its approach to spelling. It covers spelling rules, words ending with the “shun” sound, the “schwa” sound, the “chur” sound, prefixes, suffixes, compound words, silent consonants, double consonants, homophones, occupations and more.

Standard eBook – Our price: $9.49
Enhanced eBooks – Our price: $14.24

9. Boosting Comprehension for Grades 4-6: Quick Cloze Passages
sch9780545301107by Scholastic

Help students become active participants in the reading process with engaging, fill-in-the-blank, fiction and nonfiction passages. Students tap prior knowledge, use context clues, and sharpen critical thinking skills to fill in the missing words from a companion list. Includes Flesch-Kincaid readability levels to help teachers choose passages that best meet students’ needs. Flexible and easy to use for independent practice, small groups, or homework. Great for assessment and test prep!

Standard eBook – Our price: $10.44
Enhanced eBooks – Our price: $15.19

10. Spelling: Building Skills

emc2707iby Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

Revised Edition

Easily build spelling skills! Evan-Moor’s popular series is a teacher favorite and perfect for developing your students’ spelling competencies. Each individual digital resource contains 30 spelling units – each individual unit a comprehensive compilation of grade-level word lists, reproducible practice activities, targeted skills, and dictation sentences. Also included are spelling strategies, teaching ideas, an answer key and even more reproducible forms, including forms for record keeping and weekly testing.

Our price: $20.89

Honorable Mentions:

My Brother Sam Is Dead Close Reading and Text-Dependent Questions (Great Works Series)
by Teacher Created Materials Today
Our Price: $2.36

The Pigeon Books Vocabulary Activities (Great Works Series)
by Teacher Created Materials Today
Our Price: $3.31

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