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From the Vault: eBooks and Whiteboard


TheVaultWe are introducing a new feature to our blog called “From the Vaults”.  These articles have been previously published in our blog and we felt the content was still relevant and worth sharing with you again.

One Easy Fusion of eBook and Whiteboard

Recently a good friend of mine invited me to visit his school – a small local elementary school. As a former teacher and administrator, I was excited about visiting – especially as their school had recently taken delivery of a few SMART Boards. I had heard so much about interactive whiteboards that I was curious to see them in action in an elementary classroom.

Interestingly, what I had heard about interactive whiteboards in classrooms had been a mixture of good and bad. They were certainly heralded as amazing pieces of technology with the potential to enhance the teaching and learning in a classroom. But I was also being told that due to a lack of materials specifically designed for them (as well as the osmotic training method being applied…), many were sitting largely unused in classrooms. (I even heard stories of one Math teacher using his interactive whiteboard as a regular whiteboard, with regular whiteboard pens – yikes!)

I was welcomed into a second grade classroom and had the pleasure of witnessing an amazingly engaging lesson that involved all the students in the classroom, and the SMART Board. The teacher was doing a comprehension and vocabulary lesson with her students. She was using a regular PDF eBook – great content but nothing fancy in regards to interactivity. She had downloaded it onto her laptop (which was connected to the interactive whiteboard) and had opened the eBook to a page that had a story on the top half of the page and questions on the bottom half of the page.

Using a very basic aspect of the software that ships with the SMART Board, the teacher was able to easily cover (like a roller window blind from the bottom of the page up) the bottom half of the page containing the questions. She then worked through the story one sentence at a time with different students reading each sentence. After the sentence was read, another student would underline (using the SMART Board pens) any new words in the sentence. These words would then be written on the whiteboard beside the story as a list of new words.

Next the class read through the entire story together and then reviewed the new vocabulary words to ensure comprehension and correct pronunciation. Now it was time for the questions which again the teacher uncovered one at a time. Answers were once again solicited from the students and the “blanks” beside the questions were completed with the answers, again using the SMART Board pens. Once the entire page was completed, the teacher hit one key on her keyboard and we all heard a “click” as a photo was taken of the screen. This JPG was saved for future reference.

The students had a blast, the desired lesson/learning outcomes were met, and the teacher made use of some innovative technology in a basic and useful manner. Perfect!

Could the lesson have used even more functionality of the technology to be further enhanced? Yes. Could the lesson have been more effective with a greater element of “amazement” in the technology? Possibly. (But how many times have you listened to a speaker at a conference who had his PowerPoint doing amazing, cool things? Do you really remember what he was talking about? Or were you more focused on what might happen with the special effects on the next slide?)

SED50724Watching this wonderful lesson and the simple use of a basic eBook and the SMART Board really reinforced many things that I used to chat with teachers while working with them.

1) the use of technology in the classroom doesn’t have to be high end to be effective
2) learning to use technology effectively in the classroom is like eating an elephant – one bite at a time is most effective
3) technology should fit the lesson – don’t try to make the lesson fit the technology
4) using technology should be an enhancement, not a distraction

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Top Selling Titles July 2015


These are the top-selling titles for July 2015

1. Mathematics: Drill and Practice, (Grades 1-6)
hspa284rby Hayes School Publishing

Skill and problem solving activities with equal emphasis on skill and concept development. Ideal supplement for any current text. Rounding numbers, solving equations, least common multipliers, multiplying, dividing, fractions and mixed numbers, decimals, problem solving, percents, geometry, and more.

Our price: $5.65

2. Math Interactive Notebook series  (Grades 1 – 5)
csd104650ebby Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Interactive notebooks enable students to organize and synthesize information through creative, independent thinking and writing. These notebooks have become widely popular with teachers, and many school systems have made their use mandatory. Carson-Dellosa Interactive Notebooks for language arts and math provide teachers with all of the resources they need to successfully implement this popular instructional method and promote student learning. The Interactive Notebook series spans kindergarten to grade 5.

Our price: $6.64

3. Daily Math (U.S. Edition) series, Grades 1-6

Chalkboard Publishing

Chalkboard Publishing “Daily Math” series is a great asset to any Canadian classroom! Develop and strengthen crucial math skills with consistent daily practice. This eBook contains reproducible math activities – each week day is dedicated to a specific math strand, such as measurement, geometry, number sense, patterning and algebra or data management. The “Daily Math” series is perfect for use with a small or whole group, and is also an ideal supplement when you are working individually with students.  *Also available in French.

Standard eBook – Our price: $14.24
Enhanced eBooks – Our price: $18.99

4. Daily Math (Canadian Edition)
chk2010by Chalkboard Publishing

Chalkboard Publishing “Daily Math” series is a great asset to any Canadian classroom! Develop and strengthen crucial math skills with consistent daily practice. This eBook contains reproducible math activities – each week day is dedicated to a specific math strand, such as measurement, geometry, number sense, patterning and algebra or data management. The “Daily Math” series is perfect for use with a small or whole group, and is also an ideal supplement when you are working individually with students. *Also available in French language.

Standard eBook – Our price: $14.24
Enhanced eBooks – Our price: $18.99

5. Common Core Math 4 Today, series (Grades K-5 )
csd104594ebby Carson-Dellosa Publishing

Build a foundation and focus on what matters most for math readiness with Common Core Math 4 Today: Daily Skill Practice for third grade. This 96-page comprehensive supplement contains standards-aligned reproducible activities designed to focus on critical math skills and concepts that meet the Common Core State Standards. Each page includes 16 problems to be completed during a four-day period. The exercises are arranged in a continuous spiral so that concepts are repeated weekly. An assessment for the fifth day is provided for evaluating students’ understanding of the math concepts practiced throughout the week.

Our price: $6.64

6. Figurative Language and Other Lit. Devices (Grades 5-8)

edi1870by Educational Impressions

This resource uses classic and modern literature to illustrate the meaning and use of literary devices, techniques used by an author to convey meaning and to make the story more interesting. It covers Connotation, Dialogue, Dialect, Imagery, Idiom, Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Allusion, Hyperbole, Understatement, Symbol, Sarcasm, Oxymoron, Paradox, Irony, Pun, Onomatopoeia and Alliteration.

Our price: $15.15

7. Math for Grades 4-6 (Mind Builders series) Grades 1-6
tmbtec30016by The Mailbox Books

Looking for a great way to supplement your curriculum while also enhancing your students’ critical-thinking skills? Look no further than The Mailbox Books’ “Mind Builders” series! You can incorporate any eBook from this series into your lesson plans with ease – “Mind Builders” can be used as learning center activities, take-home work, problems of the day, or free-time challenges. Energize and engage your students’ thought processes with “Mind Builders”!

Our price: $8.50

8. Student Workbook/Study Guide: The Book Thief (Grades 7-12)
bmig1026by BMI Educational Services

This Student Workbook/Study Guide consists of a variety of reproducible literary activities, such as vocabulary games and worksheets, in anticipation of state standardized tests. This collection of exercises will help amplify students’ analytical aptitude and critical thinking skills, and are easily incorporated into your pre-existing lesson plans.

Standard eBook – Our price: $16.10
Enhanced eBooks – Our price: $20.85

9. My Monarch Journal: Parent/Teacher Edition, grades (K-4)
dnp9781584694908byDawn Publications

This book is the record of a miracle. The metamorphosis of a tiny egg to a caterpiller, then to a chrysalis, and finally to a beautiful butterfly is one of nature’s most astonishing miracles. The stunning pictures in this book – many taken with a microscopic lens – will guide you and your child or student to record and understand the progress of the miracle that takes place in your hands, with your own caterpillar/butterfly. More than 140 photographs capture rare sequences: the hatchling eating its way out of the egg; the first green meal moving through the caterpillar’s intestines; and a caterpillar shedding its skin. Ample space for notes, drawings and progress charts encourage children to be scientists – and in the process, gain a profound appreciation for these remarkable tiny beings. The book includes 20 pages of teacher information, including answers to questions, charts, tips for teachers, and pages of resources.

Our price: $8.17

10. Destiny Quest: A Guide for Educators (Grades 3-12)
edu0002by ED-ucation Publishing

This educator’s guide is a comprehensive tool for your classroom or learning community to help get the most out of your Destiny Quest experience. This guide includes: a simple step-by-step guide to understand the components of Destiny Quest, sample lesson plans that follow the U.S. Common Core State Standards, a complementary website complete with extension activities, printable worksheets, assessments and how-to videos.

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Honorable Mentions:

Discover! Plants (Grades 4-6) (eBook/ZIP File)
by Milliken Publishing
Standard eBook – Our Price: $5.65
Enhanced eBook – Our Price: $8.50

U.S. Branches of Government series, (Grades 4-8)
by Teaching and Learning Company
Standard eBook – Our Price: $5.65
Enhanced eBook – Our Price: $8.50

Earth and Space Science for Grades 6-8 (The BASIC/Not Boring Series)
by Incentive Publications
Our Price: $7.55

Paragraph Editing (Interactive Learning series) (IWB Resource) -Grades
by Teacher Created Resources
Our Price: $23.74

New Titles for July 2015

July was a month for some amazing new titles being added to our inventory.  Publishers are revving up for the 2015 fall season.  Check out these titles now!

Classroom Complete Press- 18 new titles


The new additions brought by Classroom Complete Press are all about Literature Guides.  There are Lit Kits for authors such as, William Shakespeare, Beverly Cleary & Roald Dahl.  Then a full selection of individual Lit guides for titles such as ‘The Hundred Dresses’, ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Great Gatsby, The Color Purple, Lord of the Flies and more.  Check out these titles and more from Classroom Complete Press.

Carson Dellosa – 6 new titles

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.28.46 AM

New series of titles for Reading titled, Standards-Based Connections Reading.  This new series offers focused skill practice in reading comprehension. A skill assessment will point out students’ learning gaps. This allows teachers to choose appropriate student pages for individualized remediation.  This series is for students grades K – 5.

Gallopade – 3 new titles

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 11.43.01 AM

New titles for fall, a kid fun cookbook and even a title for First Aid.  Check out these titles and more from Gallopade International.

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