Security and Privacy Policy

Security and Privacy at the eStore
At the eStore, we recognize that the protection of your personal information is of the highest importance. When making purchases at the eStore you can be assured that all personal or confidential information is collected and stored in a highly secure manner.

Personal Information
To complete your order, we need to collect some information about you. When you order a product from us we will ask for your name, email address, credit card number and expiration date. Periodically, we share our members' registration information with a select few education-based companies who have special offers that they would like to share with you. If you prefer not to receive these special offers, you can indicate this at the time of registration, or at any time by modifying your membership information.

Credit Card Security
It is completely safe to make an online purchase at the eStore. The servers we use are completely secure and all of the transactions you complete over the Internet are fully encrypted to fully protect all of the information you provide. When on a secure web page you should see the security icon on your browser's status bar light up and lock, or some other security notifying feature on your browser enable itself.

Your Purchases
In order to protect your purchases from unauthorized access we've placed a 7 day download window on all purchases.  This is not to limit your access to your purchases, but as another level of security protecting you, your purchases and the publishers products.  As long as the product is still available within our eStore, you will have access to your purchase.  To request reactivation to any of your orders, please email us at:  For faster service, be sure to email us from the email account attached to your eStore account.

All aspects of the eStore system that either collect or transmit personal or billing information are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is the Internet standard for secure transactions. When your order is processed over the Internet the information is sent in a scrambled (encrypted) format. Because the information is protected by SSL encryption, unauthorized parties are unable to decode the information making the transaction completely safe and secure.

When you surf the Internet, your browser stores a small bit of text or information every time you visit certain sites. That small bit of stored text or information is called a 'cookie'. If the site you are visiting uses cookies, its Web server will ask permission to pass a cookie to your browser. Some sites on the Internet use cookies for a variety of purposes, such as to keep track of numbers of visits to their site. The eStore uses cookies to simply remember who you are once you have logged into our eStore. Therefore, no cookie is passed from our site to your browser until you have logged in. The information on the cookie we pass you expires as soon as you quit, exit, or restart your browser. We do not store any information passed between your computer and our website as a result of this cookie.

If you need some assistance configuring your browser to accept cookies from our site, please visit our Cookies - Why and How page.

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If you have any questions about the eStore or require further information, please contact:

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