Purchase Orders

Please note that we only sell "digital goods" (electronic versions/PDF files/downloadable software). No books will be shipped. Upon completing a purchase at our eStore, customers are able to download/save the products to their computer immediately and print the items at any time. Customers have 14 days (from the date of purchase) to download/save their digital goods.

*FYI, it is for security reasons that our links deactivate in 14 days, however, this will never mean you will not have access to your purchases.  It is purely a measure to protect your account and the publishers products from unauthorized access.  If you need to re-download your purchases in the future, just send us an email and we will gladly reactivate them for you.  *As long as the products are still available within our eStore, you will be granted access.

In addition to using your credit card to make purchases at the DedicatedTeacher.com eStore, customers may also use Purchase Orders from schools or school districts the United States and Canada. If you would like to use a Purchase Order at our eStore, please follow these steps:

  1. You can create an account with us for your school/school district or you can include the following information with your Purchase Order. 
    • Please note that the account information will need to list your school (or district) as the "Company Name". 
    • The individual responsible for approving all purchase order purchases in your school (or district) should be listed as the "First Name" and "Last Name". (*or the teacher's name is acceptable) 
    • If you create your account, our system will automatically send you an e-mail message that lists your "user name".
    • If you choose to have us create your account for you, we will send you an e-mail message that lists your "user name" & password when the order is processed.
  2. Purchase Orders may be submitted to us via email accounts@tecknoquestllc.com or customer service email listed below Please be sure that your purchase order includes the following information.
    • School name, address, phone, Tax ID and purchasing agents name.
    • Name and email* address of the person responsible for the order or username if account has already been created. Please note: Email address is vital to completing this order. (name can be the teacher or purchasing agent, whatever the school prefers)
    • Instructions and details on to whom the invoice should be submitted.  (we only email)
    • List of items and the item numbers you wish to order.  (if not already listed in your account cart)
    • Address Purchase Orders to:
      • TecKnoQuest LLC / DedicatedTeacher.com eStore
      • PO Box 249
      • Cory, CO, USA
      • 81414
  3. W-9 will be provide upon request.  Please send requests to the customer service email listed below or to accounts@tecknoquest.com
  4.  We will process this order within 1-2 business days and you will be able to download your digital products immediately afterwards.
    • Please note that invoices will be produced by TecKnoQuest, LLC and payment will need to be made accordingly

(Please note that for future orders, you will only need to complete Step 2 listed above.)

Once we have processed the order, the e-mail address listed on the account will immediately receive a "Thank you for your order" e-mail from our system. Not only will this e-mail confirm the completion of the order, it will also contain a link to visit to download the contents of the order. We will then fax your school or school district an invoice for the amount of the Purchase Order. This invoice will be due and payable 30 days from the date of purchase. (Please note that all Purchase Order transactions are processed by our parent company, TecKnoQuest LLC.)

Proceed with the process of establishing your school or school district's account with the DedicatedTeacher.com eStore


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If you have any questions about the DedicatedTeacher.com eStore or require further information, please contact:

  • E-mail: customerservice@dedicatedteacher.com (7 days a week)
  • Phone: (970) 835-4460 (Monday - Friday)

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