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Choosing and Using the Right Films for Your Classroom: The History Teacher's Movie Guide (Second Edition) (eBook) cover

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Choosing and Using the Right Films for Your Classroom: The History Teacher's Movie Guide (Second Edition) (eBook)

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Finding, funding, and using the right films and video equipment can be challenging for history teachers.

Did you know that:
The movie Prince of Egypt was banned in Egypt?
In the movie Troy, ancient Trojans are shown using llamas that could only be found in the New World at that time?
Oliver Stone's movie JFK was so controversial that he wrote a whole book defending it?
The movie 300 is based on a comic book and not meant to show historical reality at all?
No one in the West has ever made a major motion picture featuring the life of Vladimir Lenin?

This book helps you get good films that are free from bias, anachronisms, or objectionable content. There are many great tips on how to use films more effectively in your classroom and interesting assignments to go with them.

Publisher: Magnifico Publications
Product ID: MAG0008
Grades: Grades K - 12, Staff
Level(s): Early Childhood, Primary, Intermediate, Middle School, High School, Staff Room
Pages: 102
File Size: 2.50 MB
Whiteboard Compatible: Yes (Level 1)
ISBN (Physical Book): 9780970623775

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    Along the Rivers of Faith (ebook)

    Magnifico Publications
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    Along the Rivers of Faith (ebook)

    Historian and educator Richard Di Giacomo brings us a multi-generational tale about a family's journey to define and defend their faith. First their is Agga, a humble potter in Ur, in Ancient Mesopotamia. He is struggling to escape the hopelessness of polytheism when he encounters the new faith of Abraham. Then there is Tola, a leader of Israel in the time of the Judges, who must find a way to defeat the Philistine invaders when he knows nothing of war. Next, there is Shemayah, who believes in an exciting new teacher named Jesus, but must somehow convince his skeptical brothers. Finally there is Valeria, a gentle Byzantine scholar who feels compelled to tell the incredible story of God's miraculous provision for her family, but lives in a world where gifted women are not taken seriously. As you read the story of how this strong and dedicated family overcomes spiritual and physical challenges, your own faith will be inspired and uplifted! (Contains adult themes, but no profanity or sexually explicit scenes).